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Mens sana in corpore sano. Everything related to joint, bone, muscle and overall physical health.


Can stretching make your gut smaller?

Anterior Pelvic Tilt Explanation and Guide

We all know, a lean, strong stomach is a sign of being in terrific shape. But how do you get a lean stomach? Is it just a matter of losing fat?

The surprising answer is: no, it's not just about your bodyfat.

I’ve seen many clients who had the same level of body fat, yet one had a big gut and the other didn’t.

I’ve also even seen skinny...

Plantar Fasciitis Complete Treatment Guide

Plantar Fasciitis is ruining all your fitness plans and all attempts to make your foot hurt less have ended in failure. You've spent hours googling How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis and all you've found is vague and contradictory claims.

Plantar Fasciitis treatment
Plantar Fasciitis nightmare

This is why we put together a comprehensive guide for getting rid of...

Boost Your Hormones Naturally and Finally Succeed

Hormones are chemicals your body uses to communicate between systems. To cut to the end of an incredibly long and complex story, how happy, motivated, swole, flabby, and anything else you are is tightly regulated via hormones.

How to boost your hormones to gain muscle, strength and lose fat

One thing you probably don't know is that these hormones are always in flux, responding to everything that goes on...

Critical Foam Roller Review (RumbleRoller vs The Grid)

You've tried so many foam rollers but you can't seem to get that gnarly knot out of your back. Fear not because we have you covered in today's article. We've tested out the most popular foam rollers and found a surprising winner both in terms of overall value and results. All foam rollers will be reviewed on based price,...

The End of Knee Pain

Everyone is going to experience a sore knee at some point in their lives. Some will even end up with a issue that reduces their mobility and quality of life. The bottom line is: knee pain is epidemic and it sucks. What's worse is that often times the underlying causes are ignored and instead only the symptoms are treated. It doesn't have...

How I fix back?

Note: This advice isn't a substitute for medical advice. If you have a back problem then you must first consult with your doctor. The advice given here can injure you or make your injury worse. Every back injury is different and treatment should be done by medical professionals. This isn't a disclaimer, I really don't want you to get...

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