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Losing Fat, A Strategy Game — NOT A Shooter

I don't regularly play video games anymore (although I still indulge in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on the iPad a few times a week.)

Lately though my interest got re-ignited in City Builder/Economic games. I remember spending hours and hours playing games like Sim City, Pharaoh, and Caesar when I was a kid. But I had totally forgotten about...

The Guide to Instant Habit Change & Unlocking Greatness

  • Are you achieving your goals?
  • Are you getting what you want?
  • Do you start strong, and fizzle out?

If you aren't reaching your potential then you might be a victim of your habits. Luckily, habit change has been exhaustively studied and the methods to success discovered.

Keep reading to learn how to make habits work for you, and how to turn...

The Reboot System: The Road to Rapid Success

how to get back on track
Maybe it'll be implemented in life 2.0

Many people throw away success, their dream bodies, and health down the toilet because life gets hard and they give up.

You don't throw away your laptop after it crashes once, do you? So why throw away other things in your life after one or two small setbacks? Success is waiting for you, all you...

What I learned in Beirut

I feel exhausted. Yes, I’ve been up for over 35 hours but I’ve been feeling like this more or less for the past three weeks: basically the whole time I’ve been away. Being a supposed expert in energy, motivation and good habits, it was a bit shocking to see how far I could fall. I feel like I’ve been dunked in a vat of mollases and ordered to do...

The X Factor of Fatloss, Muscle Gain and Energy

secrets of fat loss and muscle gain
It made all the difference
  1. Are you in control of yourself?
  2. Are you doing what you want to be doing?
  3. Are you getting what you want?

Why not?

After analyzing the successes and failures of over a thousand clients, I’ve come across the secret determining factor for success. Do you have it?

The Happy Client: A story

A couple of years back, I...

Embrace your inner weakness to unlock your true strength

Last week I had a lesson with Diego Del Morao where I learned just how much I suck at flamenco guitar. And after the lesson ended I was more excited and optimistic about my playing than I've ever been.

how to unlock your true strength
Finish that puzzle
  • How many times have you gotten defensive when someone tried to help?
  • Are you embracing your weaknesses, bringing them...

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