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King Robert

Separating the wheat from the chaff

This is the first article that we published on - the blog that made everything happen! I came across of it randomly and at first I felt embarrassed to even read it but after a couple of sentences thought 'eh this isn't so bad!'. So figured I'd share with you some Swole history.

separating wheat from chaff

‘that cometh after me, whose fan is...

More updates!

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great weekend. I know what you're thinking, an April's fools post... but I've just been too busy for that. Just wanted to bring you up to speed on the latest updates.

  • Posts categories, so you can sort through all the different posts. I still need to categorize everything.
  • Tags! Similar but a...

Blog updates!

Everything is looking a lot better. We slowly keep pushing updates to the site so make sure to subscribe to the RSS or just check in regularly.

Feedback/ideas/requests appreciated!

Comment away.

Added comments to posts!

Threaded comments. When you post only your first name show. I'm going to add nicknames in the next update.

Try them out.

Edit: Added nicknames, just go to your profile page and add yours in.

Blog is now live!

Hey everyone. As you know we've been really busy lately and part of that has been continuing to improve this member area. For this latest update we've launched the initial version of the blog. We'll be expanding its functionality in the coming days.

Here are some things to expect in the next updates:

  • Finalizing the FAQ
  • Complete...

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